Tatsuo Yoshida
Speed Racer

Swallowing the Earth

By Osamu Tezuka

The new print run of this book was funded by a Kickstarter project. Thank you to all of the Tezuka fans who helped us put this important book back on store and library shelves for years to come.

Amidst the chaos of World War II, two Japanese soldiers hear of Zephyrus, an utterly captivating woman rumored to exist on an island in the South Pacific. The tales of this bold enchantress seducing men to their dooms are both chilling and fascinating. Over twenty years pass, and Zephyrus resurfaces in Japan, seemingly unchanged, to wield her mysterious power over men once more. The one man immune to Zephyrus’ charms is simple drunkard, Gohonmatsu Seki, son of one of the wartime soldiers. Employed to spy on Zephyrus, what will Gohonmatsu uncover about her ultimate plot to create international discord and consume the world of men? What brought this woman to conspire for decades against patriarchal society – against an entire gender – and can anything be done to stop her plans?

Also known as: 地球を呑む
Genre: Action, Mystery, Sci-fi
Rating: Young Adult (16+)
Release Date: Jun 24, 2009
ISBN-13: 978-1-56970-056-3
Type: Single Volume
Format: Softcover, Black & White
Size: 5.875" x 8.25"
Pages: 516
MSRP: $24.95

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